Let’s Build a Vision for our School Community Together!


Pandemic triage has cultivated a unique opportunity for dynamic growth.

During my first run for office I expressed deep concern for the mental health of children and the necessity for emphasizing mindfulness and social emotional learning. The district has made inroads in this area; including the appointment of a Director of Diversity and Inclusion and the creation of a Wellness Committee, however, when I am re-elected I will be a voice of grace and determination so as children re-enter the classroom our focus to their development is well rounded.


As we go forward from transitioning our children from their instruction of choice, whether that is from hybrid, full brick and mortar virtual or the cyber charter environment; I know we can put our curious brains on to answer the questions that matter. As a community we will need to examine how to transition students successfully back to school or into the full virtual environment if families so choose, and, how to shift the learning experience to encourage lifelong learning.


As a School Board Director the most profound power I have is being connected to the people who I represent. When I talk to a constituent, a student, or an administrator I am always truly “listening to understand”. This is how decision makers ensure their actions are balanced, well thought, and made with the highest good in mind.

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Bipartisan Support

During my first election I had strong bipartisan support from my neighbors. I believe I still have that same support. I believe that when it comes to school leadership the highest calling of any school board representative is doing what is in the best interest of our children. While I am a life long member of the Democratic Party I ask each constituent to vote for the person they think represents their values and vision for our school community best.

How Rebecca Will Lead

I will run the district the same way I run my life and home. Through consensus building and the effective leveraging of assets and expertise; to bring balance, efficiency, and cost savings.

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“My experience and leadership now lends to a unique and focused lens. One where the future of our district is full of possibilities and creativity through connectedness; not only for the people of Region 4, but, for the entire district.”

-Rebecca Britton

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